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Weinburg Municipality: Climate Alliance bicycle workshops for kindergartners

Weinburg Municipality: Climate Alliance bicycle workshops for kindergartners

In the future, kindergarten children will be safe on their bikes when traveling. At the Mayo Cycling Workshop, young cyclists learned exactly what’s important.

Weinberg. A cycling workshop organized by the Climate Alliance in Lower Austria was held for all children in Weinburg’s kindergarten. The kids had a lot of fun with the bikes and bikes. Christiane Barth and Alexander Braun of the Lower Austrian Climate Alliance set up an obstacle course for kids.

Fall, get up and keep jetting!  |  Photo: Pixabay

Focus on practice

Targeted braking, driving through a bottleneck or swinging increases children’s cycling skills.

“The kids were driving very efficiently! The bike workshops are also very interesting to me as the workshop leader.”

Alexander Brown says.

In addition to our many Kindergarten cyclists, BGM Strasser, GGR David Lilek, Christiane Barth, Alexander Braun, KiGa Anna Dutter Management |  Photo: Winnburg Municipality

The construction workers took care of the road

The building yard staff has set up the practice track very well. Michael Strasser, Deputy Mayor of Weinburgh, and GGR David Lilek took turns supporting each other both mornings. Especially when training wheels or saddles have to be adjusted, they have helped out with tools from kindergarten. Children and adults alike were treated to small snacks after the workshop. The two days of the workshop were also supported financially by the Weinburg Climate Coalition community.

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