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Werder Bremen scores against SC Paderborn: Marvin Dax is great!

Werder Bremen scores against SC Paderborn: Marvin Dax is great!

Paderborn – SV Werder Bremen won a great match at SC Paderborn 4:3 after losing 1:3. Werder players in the individual review – with scores.

Jerry Pavlenka: He almost became a penalty kick killer after a strong reaction, and it is unfortunate for the goalkeeper that the penalty kick was repeated. After that, he saved his team from a higher deficit with amazing saves against Michel and Platt, only to look really bad from long distance with Platts 1:3. Eventually he’s back in action as a lifeguard. Note 3

Milos Velikovic: He put very little pressure on top scorer Mosliya before 1: 2, so that the Paderborn player could calmly direct the ball to the far corner. Not always rule against Platt and Michelle. Diverse in structure. Note 4

Omar Toprak: Become the hero of the game with his goal of becoming 4:3! In the center of the defense but not the great stability and security factor. Like most of his teammates, the captain had problems standing on the soapy floor and made one or two poor passes during rehearsals. It is also unfortunate that he is blamed for the penalty because he hit Michel in the face with his hand. The game has been increased as the game progresses. Note 2,5

Werder Bremen in the scores against SC Paderborn: Manuel Mbom without major errors

Marco Friedel: When Paderborn took the first penalty kick, he stood with one foot in a semicircle in front of the penalty area, which was not allowed and caused the penalty kick to be repeated. An annoying mistake that could have been completely avoided. I had a good chance with a header to the other side after that. gradually into the game. Note 4

Manuel Mbom (Bus 90. + 2): He replaced the injured Ajo and made his first starting line-up since late November. Offensive actions were attempted on the right side, but they did not really produce any results. Defensive without major mistakes. His victory in a running duel against Michel is significant. Note 4

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Christian Gross: He was easily danced by Muslija before 1:2 and was unable to radiate security in the middle in front of the defense that he had recently incarnated. Note 3.5

Werder Bremen on notes against SC Paderborn: Romano Schmid is on the road a lot and with a dream

Anthony Jung: Show a discreet appearance on the left side without any highlights or imperfections. More courageous on the way forward in the second round. Note 3

Leonardo Bettencourt (up to 78): He saw an avoidable yellow card too soon, but that didn’t stop him. He acted very stubbornly when he had the opportunity and should have served the ducks. Shortly thereafter, he did so and prepared 1:1. He led his team over and over again. Note 3

Romano Schmid (up to 87): He was out a lot on deep ground, demanding balls, but at first he didn’t find any connection to the game. Then he started 1:3 with a bad pass, only to cut it short to 2:3 a little later with a dream goal. Then, finally, the attack factor. Note 3

Werder Bremen in the scores against SC Paderborn: Niclas Füllkrug and Marvin Ducksch are very strong

Niklas jug: Exhausted in duels with central Paderborn’s defences, he was initially only able to put a few accents on top. Offside was obvious, which is why Ducksch’s first target was not recognized. Then the power performance before his goal to 3:3 was very strong. Before Ducksch assumed 4: 3 and then sneaked back in. Note 2

Marvin Doksch: Werder is by far the most outstanding player. He was not discouraged by the missed strikes. Solid overview with which the timer scored 1:1. He always kept Paderborn’s backline busy with his rounds and thoughts and remained extremely dangerous until the final whistle. Note 1,5

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Nikolai Raab (78th place): A very hectic game in the last stages should calm down. Noticeable –

Niklas Schmidt (from 87th place): Help achieve results over time. Noticeable –

Lars Lucas May (AB 90. + 2): I came for the last minutes. Noticeable –

Werder Bremen line-up vs SC Paderborn: Manuel Mbom in the starting line-up

the SV Werder Bremen He plays in the 20th round of the second German Bundesliga SC Paderborn (Saturday, 1.30 p.m. on DeichStube live.) This is what coach Uli Werner looked like at the beginning of the eleventh season!

Bremen – here it is starting from eleven From SV Werder Bremen – And as expected, there is only one change compared to the past few weeks: Manuel Mbom is allowed to play from the start! Follow the leg of the game in SC Paderborn I DeichStube Live Tape!

Continue to the first report:

Bremen – worked four times in a row to perfection, provided much-needed stability and ended up winning every time – now Uli Werner has to walk away from his favorite starstarting from eleven In the SV Werder Bremen say goodbye Reason: Felix Ajo will play the first leg at Paderborn (Saturday, 1.30 pm, DeichStube Live Tape) due to problems with the patellar tendon, forcing the trainer to change at least one position.

During Thursday’s press conference, Uli Werner He still expressed his “remaining hope” that Agu might still be able to play in starting from eleven That can be enough. When the Bremen pros showed up for their last training session on Friday without Ago, it was clear: nothing would come of it. Manuel Mbom He must have the best chances as an actor for 22 years in The eleventh lineup begins intervention. The trained midfielder has already played the right half alongside the three defenders under Marcus Beigning and Florian Kohfeldt, so it won’t take long for you to get used to it.

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Werder Bremen start the starting lineup against SC Paderborn: Manuel Mbom for Felix Ago?

Another advantage: with Mbom, the coach saves more changes in other parts of the team, which will be necessary if, for example, he comes up with surprising solutions with something like Milos Velikovic or Christian Gross would put. In light of the latest findings, Werner should be keen to change as little as possible.

This means that: the three series of SV Werder Bremen In front of goalkeeper Jerry Pavlenka, too SC Paderborn Again consisting of Velkovic, Captain Omer Toprak and Marco Friedel. The position of the left half goes to Anthony Jung. Gross is ranked sixth, Romano Schmid and Leonardo Bettencourt should stay in eighth. There is a lot to suggest that Niklas Schmidt and Nikolai Raab will have to continue to be content with the role of contender. Am Storm duo Niclas Füllkrug/Marvin Ducksch, who was so openly praised by Werner again before the Paderborn match, tops in the The eleventh lineup begins No way about anyway. (dco)

The line-up: This is what a starting eleven from SV Werder Bremen against SC Paderborn could look like!

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