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Werder Bremen threatens to sue the FPÖ

Werder Bremen threatens to sue the FPÖ

The right-wing populist FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) has threatened Werder Bremen with a lawsuit.

The background is a tweet from the German Bundesliga club on Saturday from their training camp in Zell am Ziller, Austria.

“We feel so at home here that we also stand up for it at Zillertal: Clear Edge against the Nazis,” the club wrote on Twitter. The FPÖ sign can be seen in the photo provided. The party held a working day next to the training ground.

Markus Abwersger, leader of the Tyrolean FPÖ party, is now demanding an apology “within a week”, he told the Austrian news agency. APA He said. Otherwise, the party would sue because Werder had underestimated a democratic political party that had been firmly entrenched in party democracy for decades. In addition, the tweet “represents a disregard for the crimes of National Socialism.”

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