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Wet, up close and personal with fans

Wet, up close and personal with fans

Of course it rained. once again. The first team for Euro 2024 was announced amid heavy rain at a Vienna hotel nicknamed “The Waterfront”. It rained in Bratislava during the first test match in Slovakia.

And in the first and only general training before the European Championships, the Windischgarsten team showed its rainy and bad side.

An hour before the start, the weather was perfect for the ÖFB Corpus Christi parade. About 3,000 fans took the opportunity to watch the performance of Austrian football stars. License plates from almost all federal states can be seen there. Traffic jams in Windischgarsten do not happen often.

It can be said that while every Austrian family had a Bible at home, the situation today is similar to Stiegel's science.

20 crates of beer and missing politicians

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The first attraction was the team bus in front of the Dili Resort complex, followed a few meters later by the drinks hut. 5 euros for a large Stiegl. The first beer is at 10:30 a.m., which is also possible on public holidays, and “tons” of beer were served, says the woman in the log cabin, and there were at least 20 cases.

In time for the team's appearance, with the exception of Marcel Sabitzer, who was still committed to the first division, all 28 players were present, and the training ground began to rain. After about 40 minutes it was flowing. Most families were well equipped with raincoats and umbrellas.

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Visiting politicians was not on the agenda. It's probably better that way, since it reportedly ended rather awkwardly (keyword: How are you?). The governor of Upper Austria, Thomas Stelzer, a big fan of the LASK VIP club, was unable to prepare it this time.

Request arms instead of legs

Early departure was not an option, and fans were hoping to communicate with the stars after training ended. They were not disappointed. An hour later, training ended and a storm came.

Then, for a change, it was not the kickers' legs that were needed, but the kickers' arms. Anyone who thought autographs were no longer fashionable has been proven wrong.

Wöber, Laimer and their partners signed everything – the shin pads, the boots, the balls and also the Victory jersey. Of course there were one or two selfies on top of that.

Flavius ​​Daniluk finished fastest after 15 minutes. Others took longer. It took Michael Gregorich 50 minutes. Only one person has stayed longer with fans: Ralf Rangnick. The team president devoted an hour to the fans.

Once all the autographs were signed and all the selfies were taken, the rain stopped again. The rest of the recess is dedicated to drainage.

Here you go! Pictures from the first appearance of ÖFB training