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What does Richard Loughner think of Christina's new ex-love?

What does Richard Loughner think of Christina's new ex-love?

Richard Loughner only met Christina's new ex-love on Mother's Day.

In fact, now it should be a wedding (June 1st) for the builder and his husband Simon One right liar-He is in the media, but his ex-wife Christina Her new love makes him an oil millionaire Ernest cheers Titles are controversial.

Naturally, the master builder could not leave the new love without comment. He told Korir that he only met the new man besides Mausi on Mother's Day. “It looks a bit shabby,” he has now told German newspaper Bild.

Happy after his retirement (After 32 years at the billion-dollar Liqui Moly company in Ulm) It radically changed his life as well as his appearance. A full beard and long hair, rather than a clean shave and suit.

“But the mouse loved him,” says Loughner. “She was constantly scratching his beard and hair like she had a dog. They were fighting all the time like teenagers — which was very unusual.”

Lugner also can't really understand why Prost, 67, doesn't want to be in the office every day. “He seems like a nice guy. But we all have very different views. Proust wants to enjoy his life and ride a motorcycle – and I still want to work at 91 and be in the office every day.”

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