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What Harry reveals about life as a king in his memoirs

What Harry reveals about life as a king in his memoirs

Ireveals in his diary Prince Harry A whole bunch of familiar nicknames. William calls his brother Harold, and Harry calls him Willie. His mother, Princess Diana, is a mummy, and his father, now King Charles III, is just a da for him. Then there’s the grandmother (Queen Elizabeth II) and grandfather (Prince Philip), the Queen’s mom was Gan Jean and Princess Margaret was Aunt Margot. to Harry nicknames They include ‘the darling boy’ (that’s what his father calls him, though he may no longer be now that his autobiography has been published), over the years he was also called Haze, Haza, Buzz, Prince and Lynette (that’s what palace officials called him). He was named Spike by his best friend after he had his head shaved at Eton and the whiskers on his head resembled an echidna, an Australian echidna. Harry had taken pictures with one of these animals, which he named Spike, at that particular time in 2003 at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

on him grandfather and grandmother Let Harry come up a little, reveal her a little. However, his beard, which he left after a trip to the South Pole, caused a stir, according to him. Asked about it, Prince Philip said with a devilish grin: “That’s not a beard!” Queen Elizabeth II He – unlike Brother William – had nothing against a beard. Harry even got the Queen’s permission to wear it to the wedding along with his military uniform, which was against protocol and regulations. To his grandfather, who loved standing at the grill, Harry reveals that he can cook a “speciality”: spaghetti bolognese. About the Queen: that she wore golden earplugs for her Golden Jubilee Gala and still kept up the tempo of the music that was too loud for her when she banged and sang.

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