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What it can do and how to activate it

What it can do and how to activate it

Google offers its own subscription service google one Now one too VPN in a. from at least 2 TB of storage space (€9.99/month) The service can now be used for free in Austria. In the coming days, subscribers should find it in their Google One app, and the offer will now be rolled out gradually.

We explain to you:

  • How does the service work
  • Which data Google collects (which it does not collect)
  • How do you get it Enabled

What does a Google VPN do?

Simply put, a VPN ensures that your privacy is protected when browsing the Internet. In addition, you can bypass geo-blocking, that is, access content that is already blocked for access from a specific country. If you use the free WiFi in your hotel, coffee shop, or train, the VPN protects them from their ability to read data. However, the VPN providers themselves can view the data.

Google confirms in a file White papersUnlike some VPN providers, they do not log any data. The authentication of users and their activities was carried out by two separate services. The connection between the two services is viablind iconsThis prevents both processes from using the same identifier.

According to Google, this is almost insurmountable for attackers. Only when both services are hacked can a relationship be established between the users and their online activities.

Google stores this data

Of course, Google still collects some data, but that’s all collage. This means that it is only a summary of data that is grouped according to the content. More precisely, Google collects the following data:

  • Aggregate Transfer Rate
  • VPN tunnel total uptime
  • Aggregate latency for VPN tunnel setup
  • Combined total bandwidth
  • Total packet loss rate
  • VPN tunnel total failure rate
  • Bulk attempts to rebuild the VPN tunnel
  • CPU and memory usage for the service and/or server
  • Total error rate for VPN tunnel construction

Google uses this evaluation data to Usage Statistics For VPN service to identify errors and Attempt to defraud To avoid this, as stated in the white paper.

In addition, if necessary, the number of times users have used the service in the past is recorded 28 days used. However, neither the exact time nor the duration of use is saved. In addition, records from Server Errors Saved, but no request or response data saved.

Google does not store this data

According to Google, the company does not store the following user data:

  • Internet congestion, including DNS
  • IP addresses From devices connected to the VPN
  • used by individual users Bandwidth
  • Contact timestamp from users

How to activate Google VPN

The prerequisite for activating a VPN is at least a Google One subscription 2 TB storage space. This is the third level of subscription after 100 GB and 200 GB. Cloud service includes storage space for GmailAnd google docs And Google Photos. in associated Google-One App You can find the service in the coming days:

  • Google-One App Install and open
  • On the start page, the option “Activate VPN‘, click on it
  • slider Swipe right to activate
  • Get Attention “VPN Connected”
  • VPN can also use the slider again closed will

If it is not yet available, you should check again and again during the week whether the application shows the service and whether all Current updates installed for the application. If the option still does not appear, you can uninstall the app and download it again.

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