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What would Max Verstappen do differently

What would Max Verstappen do differently

( – Sprint Qualifier, 3rd: At the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, Formula 1 completed its third test with qualifying on Friday, the 100km race on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday. But criticism of this form of testing continues. World Cup leader Max Verstappen would change “a few things” anyway if he could.

Daniel Ricciardo in conversation with Max Verstappen after the Formula 1 race at Monza


The Red Bull driver, for example, annoys that the sprint coordination barely provides any opportunities to tune the race car. “You only have one training session and then you have to go through the whole weekend with the same setup,” Verstappen says. “I think that’s risky.”

If it were up to Verstappen, Parc Ferme’s regulations would only come into effect on Saturday and not Friday for qualification. The reason: “In the second practice session, you should have the opportunity to change something in the car if you are not satisfied.”

In addition, Verstappen is upset about awarding first place to the winner of the sprint qualifiers. “First place should be awarded on Friday,” he says. So in qualifying and not in the race. Formula 1 has already indicated its willingness to work on these and other points and has announced some changes.

But there is more to Verstappen’s criticism. He believes the engine penalties should not start at the Grand Prix on Sunday, but rather at the first race of the weekend. The current demo format has a weak point here: “You install a new engine, and you can be ahead in sprints and you get points, because you only get then [in der Startaufstellung zum Grand Prix] They are transferred.”

Verstappen thinks this is “a bit unfair”. Reason: “If you use a new drive, you will have more power.” It should rightly be punished by disenfranchisement from the first race.