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What would music star Maya Hackfort want to hear from Barbra Streisand?

What would music star Maya Hackfort want to hear from Barbra Streisand?

Big cinema, but musical things are coming on April 19 at the Vienna Konzerthaus. Become a music star Maya Hackfort In concert vocal arc from 1963 to the present by the icon Barbara Streisand Excited to perform their biggest and most important songs.

Including a 30-piece orchestra of the Vienna Young Philharmonic and a 9-piece concert band.

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“Barbara has carried out her career with so much strength, commitment and courage that whenever I faced a new challenge, I pulled myself together and said: I have to be able to do this too. She has been with me all my life – she doesn’t know it herself, but she gave me so much courage that you can You can do it if you stick to it and stay brave,” Hackfort said in the Courier talk.

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“It's so wonderful to work on this show. I actually start from 1963 to today – I live her whole life and you learn a lot about her that you don't know.

Streisand has also repeatedly struggled with her fame and the publicity that comes with it. “If you become famous, obviously you become public property,” she said.

It's something Huckfort, who has performed on stages all over the world, can understand, too. “But I also have to say that my fans are really great and have shown me respect to protect my privacy. You don't choose to have everyone talk to you about private matters. And I understand that she suffered because of that.”

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Streisand's appearance has often been commented on. “Sometimes I feel like the pressure on my nose is greater than the pressure on me,” she once said.

He also once suggested to Huckfort that she change something about her appearance. “I was told once, while I was on the big screen at the Danube Island Festival, that I should do something to my face to get rid of crow's feet. I said, 'No for a million. You can even give me money for it, but I won't do it,'” says the singer-musician. : “I also like it when people have a peculiarity in their personality that they don't seem ordinary.”

In her big concert “Maya Hakvoort in Concert” she will also have guest stars like her Kevin Tartt, Andy Gabauer, Rachel Ginty And Monica Balwin Helps.

“My band and conductor are also the ones I always work with. I really need my team around me. It's so essential that I'm an integral part of doing this thing,” she says.

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“I can only do the show now because Barbra Streisand is no longer on stage and now I can really honor her, and what she has really done for me or what the power behind it is – from her within me.”

And if Maya Hackfort ever had the chance to meet Barbra Streisand in person, here's what she'd want: “I just want her to look at my work and say, 'You're amazing.'