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What you need to know about lab meat

What you need to know about lab meat

DrThe companies called it a “dream come true” that would “radically change how we put meat on our tables”: US authorities have allowed cell-based chicken meat to be sold in America for the first time. The US Department of Agriculture confirmed on Wednesday that two start-up companies have received approval. The first products will soon be available in restaurants. Cultured meat, often referred to as “pure meat” or “lab meat,” is said to be “cleaner” and better than conventional meat. What’s up with the most important questions and answers.

How do you make lab meat?

Meat is produced in a laboratory under laboratory conditions – but so far on a small scale. Animal cells are required as a basis. Muscle tissue is taken from a live or slaughtered animal. The most well-known procedure is the invasive harvesting of cells via muscle biopsies from live animals, which can cause pain and stress. Stem cells are obtained from tissues and cultured in a bioreactor. Cells go through different stages and develop muscles. They grow together to form a larger mass via a supporting framework. This creates thin layers of meat. In addition, fat cells are also grown to bring the taste of meat closer to muscle tissue.

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