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What your furniture style reveals about your personality

What your furniture style reveals about your personality

In this way, your facility allows you to draw conclusions about your personality

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Do you keep it clean and simple in your apartment or cozy with lots of decorative stuff? Your furniture style says a lot about your personality.

Hardly anything reflects our personality as strongly as our four walls. Because this is where we – ideally – feel most comfortable and can be fully ourselves. Thus, the way we design our home says a lot about us as people. What is our favorite style of furnishing? Do we keep it simple or filled with carefully selected decorative elements?

So our personal interior design is closely related to our personality. Based on the “Big Five” personality traits, i.e. openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, empathy, and neuroticism, US interior design expert Alessandra Wood associated interior styles with personality traits. What’s your house like – and do you know yourself?

What your interior design reveals about you

country house charm

The most important thing for you is that your house looks cozy and inviting, which is why it is furnished in the style of a cozy country house? Likes to be a host: in and loves to take care of others. You are down to earth, stand up for your values ​​and may be more traditional in your life plan. You also like to be around people and be shy – but that doesn’t mean you like being in the spotlight. You feel more comfortable in the background.

colorful boho style

Your apartment is colourful, eclectic, and filled with lovable collectibles. You’re a free spirit and can’t do much with a classic desk job. Instead, she loves to travel and is constantly on the go. Souvenirs for your expeditions form the basis of your furniture style – they are very important to you and should show who you are: someone who is unconventional, open and tolerant.

minimal + clear

Those who have done a clean and simple interior will likely feel that there isn’t much room in their four walls for playful embellishments, bright colors, odds and ends. do you know that? So you probably have a strong need for calm and order in your mind as well. They tend to be introverts and love spending time alone or with very specific people (or pets). You place a high value on competence and tackle problems very analytically. Sometimes you lose a little openness in the process.

Classic with tradition

Classic furniture, dark wood and maybe some heirlooms dominate your four walls? So you, like your organization, are very traditional. You are more conservative and stand up for your values. You are reluctant to leave your comfort zone and do not feel particularly comfortable with changes. However, at the same time, you are very trustworthy, and that is what people around you appreciate about you.

Stylish modern design

Her absolute favorites are mid-century chic furniture—either in an expensive designer copy or an original from this period. Aesthetics are important to you in all situations. You are absolute: perfection: Sometimes you get lost in the details and forget that life is here and now. You have a real talent for organizing and always keeping an eye on everything.

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