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When Red Bull Salzburg thought of Alexander Bras

When Red Bull Salzburg thought of Alexander Bras

Alexander Bras was “very good”. After Austria's 2-1 win over Serbia, Ralf Rangnick tried to avoid individual criticism, but the team boss highlighted one or two players. Among other things, the striker has long been considered ideal for the left-back position. After this match at the latest, the 65-year-old asserted himself.

Ralf Rangnick's conversation with Christoph Freund

“I can now talk a little about what is happening because Christoph Freund is no longer at Salzburg,” Rangnick said in the post-match press conference. I can remember a longer conversation with Christoph a couple of years ago. At the time, Salzburg were considering signing Alex as a left-back. But they weren't quite sure if he could play in that position. I think this game today finally answered that question. He can play in this position.”

Bras moved from Salzburg FC Liefering to Sturm in 2021. If the move mentioned by Rangnick became a reality, it would have been a comeback campaign. In Graz, Bras plays in the diamond on the left flank of the eight for double winners. The Serbia match showed that there is potential to play as a full-back as well. “He could have played one or two crosses a little better, but he just didn't have good forward movement. The way he defended, even in one-on-one situations, was really good,” Rangnick praised.

The 23-year-old believes his performance was “good”. Brass had no difficulty adapting to the unusual situation: “It's not far from my usual situation. I've played sometimes, especially in the national team. So it doesn't take much to get used to.”

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Replacement for Philip Moeni

What does he like about being a left-back? “It's great to be able to increase your speed from the back, run backwards and cover long distances.” Brass regrets that he did not get crosses the way he wanted, especially in the first half. He also found his defensive work satisfying: “I think I defended most of it well with my teammates. The most important thing is that we help together and don't leave anyone alone.”

To the left of the back four, Philippe Moeni plays right-footed in the first position. One result of this test game is that he can at least be trusted to play a backup role despite his relatively little experience. Or can he be trusted to get more, i.e. a place in the starting lineup at the European Championship? Brass explained that he would not speculate, saying: “I just try to do a good job when I get the chance. I accept whatever role the team boss gives me.”