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Whole wheat bread with cream cheese: for a successful morning

Whole wheat bread with cream cheese: for a successful morning

A healthy breakfast provides us with nutrients, fluids and fiber. Looks like a university lecture, very boring. But look at the photo. Doesn’t whole wheat bread with cream cheese sound so delicious? It is guaranteed to have a place on my breakfast table.

The spicy and pungent taste of cress alone makes us feel good. Tasty! Added to this is the high nutritional content of Lepidium sativum. Because raw cress provides the body with vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, iron and potassium. The large amount of vitamin C, for example, greatly strengthens immunity, which fights pathogens. Goodbye cold! If you want to grow your own cress for your next whole wheat bread with cream cheese frosting, for example on hedgehog cress, use the highest quality organic seeds, after you eat them raw. Let’s leave the theory behind and move on to practice. We have more healthy breakfast ideas. You just have to grab it:

If you are looking for more recipes for a delicious breakfast, just take a look at our recipe collection. Our culinary school is also worth a visit. There we will tell you, for example, what other foods also contain a large amount of vitamin C. Now enjoy whole wheat bread with cream cheese. By the way, you can also make cream cheese, it’s really easy.


Fitness Breakfast: Wholemeal bread with cream cheese

a description

Healthy, delicious and colorful: wholemeal bread with cream cheese.

to prepare

  1. Salt the cream cheese and mix with the lemon zest.

  2. Spread the bread with butter and cream cheese. Sprinkle plenty of cress over it, and you’re done!

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