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Why are sandy beaches important in fighting climate change

Why are sandy beaches important in fighting climate change

It will be a beach when it’s finished. Regular sand replenishment of the Fischland-Darss-Zingst Peninsula provides increased safety during storm surges.
Photo: dpa

The beaches are kept artificially. Will it disappear completely when the sea level rises? In order to defy climate change, the sandy beach must remain mobile – with natural dunes rather than dams.

nThe European Union are just the bad guys. Otherwise he has himself Celt It hasn’t changed, spotless bathing beach still where it was last summer, beach chairs set up. From above, the most famous German island looks the same on the posters Germans have been putting on their trunks since the 1960s. The world may be turned upside down, but Sylt remains stable.

Andrew Fry

Independent author in the science department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper on Sunday.

This costs work and money. The inhabitants of Sylt have been keeping the island in place artificially for decades, fighting against those who accumulate storm surges In the winter, rinse, mend, and level with a fine, loose material that can be rubbed between your fingers: sand. Quartz beads are the island’s capital and destiny – and hopefully its deliverance from doom. Both Sylt residents and guests worry about the future. What will happen to the island and its sandy beaches when the sea rises? Does everything go down after that?

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