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Why are you the way you are!

Why are you the way you are!

How is our personality formed? What are the circumstances that affect our personality? What is inherited and what is innate: why we are the way we are!

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Who or what determines what kind of person you are?

our a personality Complex and can be divided into many small areas. We are made up of conditionsThat we live by the people, That we surround ourselves with, as well Genetic aspects. If we think about our friends, colleagues or families, it soon becomes clear how diverse and different people are and therefore their behaviour. Commonalities welding together, Differences Arouses curiosity. We get along well with some, while we prefer to keep others at arm's length. But what is the origin of it all? Who or what is responsible for who we are?

This cannot be answered in general terms. Humans have been studying our secret for centuries, if not millennia a personality. the psychology However, it has only existed as such since the 19th century. There are different theories and methods to get to the essence of personality and know the shapes that make up a person. There is usually consensus on genetic, environmental and experiential factors. For example, childhood Huge impact on how we evolve.

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Childhood has a huge impact

We do not decide whether we come into the world first Effects And the circumstances we grow. The first few years are in our hands Fathers. However, when we are adults, it is up to us better To make it.

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We are ours, especially in the first five years CaregiversUsually at the mercy of the mother and/or father. Now he has How to raise children Great influence on us: dealing with proximity and distance, exemplary function and general cooperation. Even if we do not remember the first years of our life and suffer from so-called infantile amnesia, the experiences we had at this time are still deep within us. the attractionsThat we experience as children and also as teenagers, is strongly engraved in our minds and thus remains present in adulthood.

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Other important factors in personality development

In addition to our parents and caregivers since our childhood, our educational and school qualifications, communication habits, the environment in which we live, nutrition, physical health and neuropsychological development are also important for our development. not to mention expertiseWhich we collect throughout our lives. We are exposed to a variety of stimuli and information every day that influence how we act and react. English psychologist Hans J. Eysenck knows this Personality structure Also in three different areas, viz a personality, print And Intelligence.

According to the American researcher Dr. Carol Dweck adds these factors incentivize To which our personality is directed. any needs And Objectives do we have? What do we want from life? The question that arises is: Is it possible to change?

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Can I change my personality?

Contrary to the opinion of some pessimists, change is certainly possible. While there are certain personality traits that primarily define who we are as a person, there are also personality traits Character traits, which you can win or get rid of. The prerequisite for this is not to take your nature for granted and accept it Self-reflection To open. Change is a journey through experiences so that we can take a new direction. There are countless reasons why we want change. For example, we have to adapt to new circumstances or are generally dissatisfied. It's not about turning into a completely different person and pretending to be someone we're not.

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Be the change!

It changes It also assumes that we do it first and foremost for ourselves and not for the sake of others. This will be the wrong motivation from the beginning and probably won't last long. We have a few advice Collected for you which can help you with certain things characteristics To change and find your own happiness:

1. Find out why you want to change

Write it for yourself the reasons That sparks the desire for change in you. Try to imagine situations that could be a cause and reflects Your behavior and the behavior of others.

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2. Believe in yourself

Most of us probably know the feeling of not being good enough. Others are more successful anyway and with every disappointment we lose confidence in ourselves. Be clear about which ones Good qualities You carry it within you and your happiness is always in your hands. You can do (almost) anything you put your mind to!

3. Surround yourself with the right people

Our personality is not only a result of our childhood or genes, but is also linked to the people we surround ourselves with. There's a theory that says it's you Average five people Who are you with? Most of the time He spends. You share values, experiences and moments with them that can have a significant impact on your behavior. Surround yourself with people who care about you and enrich your life. It also means that they support you in your projects and are always honest with you.