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Why 'Batman' Michael Keaton doesn't want to be cool

Why ‘Batman’ Michael Keaton doesn’t want to be cool

It seems that no actor who has played the character likes to talk about “Batman”. How is it with you? Are you embarrassed about the role too?

No, although there was a journalist who wrote: “He won’t play that again.” Playing and portraying Batman was very cool and fun. And I’m glad I did. I am fully committed to it.

I also directed “The Merry Gentlemen” a few years ago. Why not more since then?

Because I’m lazy and enjoy my life. The output is cumbersome and takes a lot of time. Something must have been bothering me very much, and I haven’t found it again since.

You have a pretty dry sense of humor, so why not do more comedies?

Because I’m not really funny haha! No, I was funny when I was a kid. I understood that by doing so I got an audience. The funny thing is the money.

What do you find yourself funny?

Totally free types of fun. Such as trump. He’s the least fun person I’ve ever seen. And on top of all that, this makes it very uninteresting. I put my trust in Obama. Very funny guy. If he had not entered politics, he would have easily become a comedian. He has very little timing.

You won an Oscar for Birdman, and that cemented your reputation as an actor for weird roles.

So, when you get to text like this as an actor, all you can do is jump in the air and say “Thank you, my God!” to say.

Likeable characters aren’t you?

I’m the wrong person for a lovable man. I was just going to play Santa Claus as Santa Claus was killing a group of school kids. In my role, I don’t want to beg for the audience to like it. This is not my job. And honestly, that’s not fun either. or funny!

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