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Why is Austria now spending billions on missile defense?

Why is Austria now spending billions on missile defense?

At the end of May, a declaration of intent will be signed by all countries participating in the EU Council of Defense Ministers. This means that Vienna could start buying, i.e. buying, soon.

How does defense work?

Military officials are talking about one in Sky Shield Onion principle. Because missile defense, as with vegetables, works in layers, ranging from short range (six kilometers high, 15 kilometers distance), to medium to absolute long range (more than 25 kilometers, thousands of kilometers).

In terms of the short term, the Federal Army is currently trying to create small “bubbles”. Using the modernized twin cannons and Mistral air defense missiles, conference sites, headquarters or air bases can be protected – at short distances. The idea of ​​Sky Shield is different: protecting large areas and ultimately national territories for all participants.

As the largest investment in this field at the present time, Austria will invest two billion euros in the medium term. Depending on how long it takes to tender and procure, this system could be implemented in 2027/2028 (Note that the Iris-T system is mentioned often.). As it develops, its complete protection depends on how quickly training is organized.

The fact is that since Iranian long-range missiles are already reaching Austria, the army will also work to develop a “long-range” defense capability. The costs of this alone are estimated at another four billion euros.

The fact that Austria must invest in all Sky Shield ranges has no alternative for politicians and the military.

“I'm sure there is no political party, even with a modicum of responsibility, that is not convinced that we desperately need the new ranges,” says Minister Tanner.

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Master Plan of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Bruno Hofbauer“It refers not only to the experiences of Ukraine and Israel, but also to the increasingly fragile situation globally: we do not know how the situation will develop in the coming years.” She was everywhere. Speaking of which: The force will receive 400 drones this year. First of all, knowledge must be built on the issue of clarification.