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Why is Super Moon also called Thunder Moon today |  life and knowledge

Why is Super Moon also called Thunder Moon today | life and knowledge

For astronomy experts, the night sky has one again Supermoon for sale! Sky lovers can marvel at this on the night of July 13-14.

The full moon of July is located close to the Earth, and therefore it looks especially large and bright to us. Strictly speaking, this happens at 8:37 PM. the sky.

A few hours ago, a Trabant car approached the ground. Because: The Moon’s orbit is not circular, but slightly elliptical. As it travels around the Earth, its distance is between 406,000 and 356,000 kilometers.

“If there is a full moon at a point close to Earth, it appears larger and brighter to us. Then we talk about the so-called ‘super moon’,” says Professor Thomas W. Kraube, astrophysicist and director of Hamburg Planetarium. However, this is not a recognized scientific term. Instead, the Moon reaches what’s called perihelion – as opposed to apogee when it is particularly far from Earth.”

On July 13, 2022, the moon will approach us at an altitude of 357,264 kilometers. The “super moon” appears especially large and bright to us. The full moon near Earth appears about seven percent larger than the average full moon and about 14 percent larger than the farther moon. To illustrate the difference, the comparison between a two-euro coin and a single coin is often used. Due to its lower height, this sensory impression is even stronger this time, since our eyes can compare it to objects on the horizon.”

The giant moon is also 15 percent brighter than average and up to about 30 percent brighter than the far moon. From our point of view, its surface is larger and therefore can reflect more sunlight.

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By the way, the full moon of July also has another name: it is also known as the “thunder moon”. Professor Karrubi explains: “Because there are frequent thunderstorms in July, the full moon in July is sometimes referred to as a ‘thunder moon’. So there is a ‘super thunder moon’ that saturates the sky.”

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