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Why is tonight’s full moon called the beaver moon or the hazy moon ::

Why is tonight’s full moon called the beaver moon or the hazy moon ::

Strictly speaking, the full moon will reach its peak on Monday, November 27, 2023, at 10:16 AM. The Sun, Earth, and Moon are then in a line, with the Sun and Moon facing each other, so that the side of the Moon facing the Earth observer is fully illuminated and the Moon is fully visible.

A full moon occurs every 29.5 days

In Austria, the full moon always creates an impressive natural spectacle in the night sky. The full cycle of the moon’s phases lasts about 29 days, 12 hours and 43 minutes, which means that a new full moon occurs every 29.5 days at most.

Many people align daily activities like cutting hair, cleaning windows, or gardening with the phases of the moon, while others sleep worse during the full moon. But from a scientific point of view, these connections with the Moon are sometimes viewed with suspicion.

“month” comes from “moon”

Interestingly, the word “month” is derived from the term “moon”. The date of Easter is determined by the full moon, and the term “harvest moon” indicates that the full moon served as a useful source of light at harvest time. The moon was generally an important factor in annual events.

The indigenous people spoke of Beaver Moon

The full moon in November is called differently in different cultures. Native Americans called it the “Beaver Moon,” named after beavers captured in late fall in preparation for the harsh winter. This time marked the beginning of the frost period and the anticipation of winter. In cold northern regions, people set traps to catch beavers and collect enough pelts for the winter.

Romantics appreciate the misty moon

In Central Europe, the full moon in November is known as the Fog Moon. This name comes from the fact that fog often forms in the fall. The moon, illuminated by the mist, provides a very special atmosphere that is especially appreciated by romantics. The November full moon is also known as the “Wind Moon” or “Frost Moon,” while the December full moon is known as the “Christmas Moon” or “Cold Moon.”

According to the lunar calendar, our emotional balance can be shaken when the Moon moves through Gemini. At such stages, people often feel uncharacteristically scattered and somewhat unworldly because their subconscious is on uncertain ground.

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