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Why, of all things, a stone on Mars makes my sci-fi heart beat faster

Why, of all things, a stone on Mars makes my sci-fi heart beat faster

The Starfleet logo on Captain Picard's officer uniform bears a striking resemblance to a recently discovered rock on Mars – or vice versa.

Admittedly, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would be doing a GameStar report on a vile stone. But as we all know, things always turn out differently than you think. And so a stone from our neighboring planet Mars is now finding its way into my collection of articles.

Of course, this is not just a fallen stone. No, this particular piece makes my sci-fi heart beat faster. Because it looks exactly like the logo I know. And it's Starfleet from Star Trek:

(Image source: NASAJPL)

(Image source: NASA/JPL)

So, it's over now. I'm a Trekkie through and through. Once you get it out like that, writing becomes much easier. Although the following article may have already convinced me as a Trekkie:

Where did the image of the stone come from?

To be more serious again: it was stone It was discovered by the Mars rover Curiosity last January Or photographed (trans winfuture). It was actually discovered by amateur astronomer and X (formerly Twitter) user. Stuart Atkinson While reviewing a number of publicly available images from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), as it is called for short, builds and controls satellites and space probes for NASA, and is affiliated with the famous California Institute of Technology, where, for example, the famous guys from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory Work and research.

By the way, Curiosity has been operating since August 6, 2012 On Mars ever since Endless photos A snapshot of the surface of the red planet.

Not the first Starfleet logo on Mars

Nearly five years ago, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (in Mars orbit since March 10, 2006) captured an image of a formation that clearly resembled the Starfleet logo:

(Image source: NASAJPL)

(Image source: NASA/JPL)

as University of Arizona I mentioned, the formation is one The complex history of sand dunes, lava and wind. Which is to say: Neither Captain Picard nor Captain Kirk traveled back in time to place the Starfleet logo on Mars – unfortunately.

The James Webb Space Telescope provides particularly exciting insights and images of the universe. You can learn more about its mission and technical equipment here:

How are you all? Does the stone and rock formation make your sci-fi hearts beat as hard as ours? Or does this leave you completely cold? Are you even a fan of science fiction? What is your favorite movie or series? What about astronomy – are you interested in foreign planets and stars? Feel free to write it to us in the comments!