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Why Remo Schraner also believes that disease represents an opportunity

Why Remo Schraner also believes that disease represents an opportunity

As a blogger, Remo Schraner wanted to open a dialogue. Now he wants to serve other people suffering from depression.

Today he is in good health, but depression is still a problem: Remo Schraner.

Photo: Issa Tripodi

Remo Schraner was still a teenager when he was diagnosed with serious depression. But he knew before long that he wasn’t well. The official diagnosis was also a relief for Schraner: he now knew what he was experiencing and what it was called. He also knew that he had a disease that he could not do anything about.

Today Remo Schraner is 33 years old and still suffers from depression. But it is in good condition, even “very good”. In recent years, he has learned to recognize the warning signs of his physical and psychological condition earlier and set stricter limits for himself. Sessions with therapists – and writing – helped him with this.

When he started writing a blog, it was the first turning point for Remo Schraner. He says anger prompted him to do so: after his hospital stay, he lost his job as a journalist. Then he felt he had to start a dialogue. Schraner was one of the first people in Switzerland to write and speak openly about mental health.

Now Schraner faces a second turning point; His blog is history. Remo Schraner talks about this in the new episode of “NZZ Megahertz”. He explains why he now sees his depression as an opportunity.

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