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"Wickie" Competition |

“Wickie” Competition |

Wickie and his tough guys return to the big screen with an animated adventure that’s beloved for the whole family starting Thursday, September 2nd! We deliver two movie bundles to coincide with the start of the movie!

Wiki loves to accompany his father Halvar on his adventures. But Halvar thinks Wiki is too young to withstand the harsh life of the “strong men” aboard. Wickie has completely different qualities: he’s smart and he thinks before he acts!
The adventure begins when Halvar unearths a magical sword from Sven the Terrible. This turns out to be uncontrollable and accidentally turns Wickie’s mother Ylva into a statue made of solid gold. Wickie was naturally determined to save his mother and formulate a rescue plan with his cousin Ylvi. They are helped by the young warrior Lev, who unexpectedly appears in the village, and a rather unorthodox squirrel in this. Lev knows a mythical island where every spell can be broken. The journey there takes the companions to the “Pirate Paradise” and gives them an exciting confrontation with the most powerful storm waves. At the same time, Sven the Terrible is always near heels… After finally arriving on the island, Wiki realizes that Sven isn’t her biggest problem, but that there is a much greater danger than he had anticipated!

“Wickie and the Strong Men – The Magic Sword” – only in cinemas starting Thursday, September 2, 2021!

Filminfos and trailer

SN-Card Contest:
To get in the mood for the big cinema adventure around the magic sword, free tickets and fan packages for the movie are pulled out:

• 2 x helmet
• 2 books about the movie
• 2 x 2 cinema vouchers

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The closing date for entries is Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Legal recourse and cashback are not possible. All winners will be notified in writing by e-mail and at winning side chest.

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