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Wiener Neustadt - Claudia Brisoli presents her "Freischwimmer"

Wiener Neustadt – Claudia Brisoli presents her “Freischwimmer”


Presoli Gallery

R. Wheeler, Michael Wheeler

A special exhibition opens in the nave of the Museum of St. Peter an der Speer on Wednesday: Claudia Brisoli, who was born in Wiener Neustadt and completed the Wander Bertone master class in sculpture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, presents the “free swimmer”. The interior of the Gothic church symbolizes the complexity of human desires and longings through its diversity.

Claudia Brisoli prefers “free swimming” from familiar structures – structures that do not benefit the soul. For them, the underwater space means a place of sad reflection, but also a place of weightlessness. The artist is convinced that the accompanying lightness creates an environment for reorientation devoid of fear. The delicate indulgence of “free swimmers” in St. Peter’s Basilica invites you to stop – don’t forget to surface!

Claudia Brisoli’s work has already been shown in a number of shows – for example in the joint exhibition “Studies of the Head” in the Carmelite Church (2000) or the sculptural course “Liberation” in St. Peter an der Speer (2006) . Brisoli also designed the mural “Christophoros” at Haltau Driving School and participated in the Wiener Neustadt Film Festival “Banale” from 2008 to 2015.

The exhibition “Die Freischwimmer” can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm in St. Peter an der Speer. Tickets are available on site at the museum.

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