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Will a convicted felon become president in America now?

Will a convicted felon become president in America now?

Although he appealed. It doesn't matter if a 79-year-old man is with us Detention, Ankle bracelet, house arrest or a probationary period. Another — negative — entry in the Trump history books is certain.


The only question: Will this historic ruling slow or accelerate his path to the world's most powerful office? For now, all that is certain is that the former president will continue his campaign undisturbed and present himself as a martyr and a “political prisoner”. Legally, nothing stands in the way of his candidacy — he could theoretically govern himself from a prison cell.

The real corruption isn't Donald Trump, who's not guilty of any of his many crimes. Corruption is not his followers, they follow him for better or for worse.

That is the real, sad and important corruption Republican Party He didn't send his presidential candidate into the desert masquerading as a populist-in-chief. The Grand Old Party, pandering to its electorate, panics and rallies behind a criminal – and all the people from the “Law and Order Party”.

One party adamantly insists that doctors go to jail for performing abortions or, in some states, that people be jailed for life for shoplifting three times.

If US President Joe Biden It is doubtful whether Trump can use this ruling in the money laundering case against Trump to win the election. The 81-year-old Democrat's image is so bad, and many Americans' anger at inflation and high living costs so high, that even condemned adversary Trump won't drive voters to the Democratic Party in droves.

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So the 40 percent of American voters who are still undecided can hope to see this historic ruling as a turning point — and not bring the world's most powerful office into a new slump.