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Will and mentality despite difficult circumstances.  – FC Blaue-Weiss Linz

Will and mentality despite difficult circumstances. – FC Blaue-Weiss Linz

Under very difficult conditions, with five regular players injured, SPG Union Kleinmünchen / FC Blau-Weiss Linz traveled to Graz for the first match of the second half of the championship to runners-up Sturm.

As a clear underdog, the motto of course was to do the hardest to stand up and set pokes. Unfortunately, a mistake with serious consequences occurred in the fourth minute – a clear penalty for Sturm Graz and a 1-0 lead that was too fast.

However, once again, the will and mentality of our team showed through, because after just four minutes Emily Shim fought for the ball, got away from the defender, and played a perfect cross to Edina Avdic, who used it to score her first goal in the Bundesliga. And the formula is 1: 1 log.

Despite the apparent fielding superiority, Sturm did not have any convincing chances before the Styrians scored two goals in the 36th and 42nd minutes. That was 3:1!

But even this situation did not discourage the ladies of Linz, on the contrary: after winning the ball, the lightning-fast Elena Grünberger sent Emily Schim down and managed to beat the opposing goalkeeper at the last moment with a neat shot. In the far corner to make it 2: 3. That’s how it went in the cabin!

After the break, Sturm really wanted to force the decision and during this period of pressure made the hosts 4: 2 in the 53rd minute. The Styrian favorites still had all the threads in their hands, but the self-sacrificing Kleinmenchen women achieved a respectable score over time. There was no more in this game!

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Of course, winning the second place in the table is very good, but the performance and mentality of our team gives us hope for exciting matches in the future. The important match against Wacker Innsbruck will take place in Kleinmunchen next Sunday, March 26, 2023.

We hope that if one of the regular players returns and there is a lot of support from the crowd, then this day can become a festival of blue and white football!