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Will Fountas SK leave fast early?  'We can't buy our pride'

Will Fountas SK leave fast early? ‘We can’t buy our pride’

Rapids Taxiarchis Fountas will join DC United for a free summer transfer. Change can take place now too soon.

Rapid Vienna’s Taxiarchis Fountas will be moving to DC United on a free shuttle this summer. The Greeks sign for three years and are said to be spending six million dollars. how sky I mentioned, that Fountas could set up camp in the US earlier – the transfer window is still open at MLS.

“Fontas taxi is sick, so he’s not there today,” Rapid Sports director Zoran Barisic said of the game against SK Storm on Sunday. “Basically, nothing can be ruled out. He has a contract until May 31, and if there’s anything to be reported in the meantime, we’ll announce it.”

Barisic continues: “One thing is money that you can and should earn, and the other thing is that we are proud of it and you cannot buy it. He promised me and I that the old taxi would stay and that he would give everything as long as he was with us. I believe in his character and believe that he will give everything from Rapid order to the end.”

Barisic also commented on the farewell to Richard Stringer, who moved to Legia Warsaw on Sunday: “He expressed his desire to leave the club. He wanted to develop more abroad. That’s why we wish him all the best in his future with my great respect for the future.”

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