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Will hit star Helen Fischer move to New York?  Reports of new beginnings in the United States

Will hit star Helen Fischer move to New York? Reports of new beginnings in the United States

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Pop star Helen Fischer, 37, and friend Thomas Seattle have left the public. Now a rumor is causing unrest: Mom is said to be thinking about a new start in America. What is the matter

Munich – Queen of Germany Schlagers (to the title page here) May hurt you: Again and again Helen Fischer ends up in the front pages of disgraceful gossip newspapers without standing alone or revealing herself personally. In contrast: Acrobat Thomas Seattle’s partner aborted completely from pregnancy. reported by The rumors did not stop there, however.

Pop star Helen Fischer: “My personal life is my only retreat”

Surname Helen Fischer
Work Croner
Life partner Thomas Seattle
Place of residence Bavaria

Why Schlagerqueen Helen Fischer (her biggest hits here)) Now, when family happiness is right in Ammarsi, do you want a fresh start? “My personal life is my only setback,” Helen Fischer explained in an interview.

Boulevard portal “”, which has attracted attention through unsubstantiated and wild speculations and rumors in the past, writes in an editorial: “There is only one way for Helen May to enjoy her young family happiness in peace and without fear: She has to go, preferably not immediately recognizable on the street somewhere – it certainly means: goodbye, Germany. “

One of Helen Fischer’s greatest TV moments: In 2019 she surprised her ex Florian Silperison during a successful ascent. Malde Osovsky / SVEN SIMON via

Wild Rumor: Is Helen Fischer Going to New York? Reports of a resumption in the United States

Unsubstantiated assumptions are enough for authors to write a headline without any information. It goes on to say: “In many ways, living in New York would be better. During a visit in 2018, the singer was delighted about the city she had never slept in, and she seemed happier and more relaxed than she had been in a long time.

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From this it is utterly wrong that pop singer Helene Fischer (the biggest hit: “Atemlos”) could emigrate to New York and embark on a new beginning. Even more surprising is the fact that “Closer” and “VIPT” are also spreading nonsense rumors.

Pop star Helene Fischer is unlikely to settle

“I want to do my job, I want to be on stage as an artist, and then I want to close the door and be a personal person,” Helen Fischer once said. A successful singer can do the same in Bavaria as he does in New York. So there is no reason to emigrate immediately.

Helen Fischer has been with Florian Silperison since her longtime friend and successful colleague. Thomas Seattle Together. This was a shock to Schleger fans at the time. The 34-year-old came to media awareness with his new girlfriend. A pregnancy and career break.

“Better Than the Original Movie”: Gabrielle Kelly sings Helen Fisher’s “Breathless” – Fans Frenzy

Unlike his father and the rest of the Kelly family, Angelo relies on Kelly’s son Gabriel Robb. Now there is a 20-year-old version Helen Fischer’s hit “Attemlos” released – and frightened his fans.

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