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Will the game have mod support for the modding scene?

Will the game have mod support for the modding scene?

The third podcast for the Gothic remake from developer Alkimia Interactive has already provided plenty of new information for thirsty fans. The developers talked about the interface design of the new version of the classic German role-playing game and provided more insights into the combat system. The team also commented on potential mod support for the editing scene. So what can the community expect?

Gothic Remake: Mod support and Marvin mode possible?

The Gothic Remake developers were also asked questions from fans during the development podcast. In addition to asking about mod support for the upcoming role-playing game to be able to easily integrate your content into the game in the future, a community member asked if there would also be a Marvin mode (this is what the corrected mode with cheats was called at the time).

Reinhard Polis, Studio Director at Alimia Interactive, initially commented on this on the Gothic podcast: “Modding support means a lot to us. We understand very well that there has been a huge modding community for many years. I already have 20 communities.” Years ago he developed his own adaptations of the Gothic game.” But Pollice also has to slow down a bit: “But we have to fight some limitations here. “We're working with Unreal Engine, which is not ideal for editing.”

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