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Will the new brokerage law bring real relief?  -Vorarlberg-

Will the new brokerage law bring real relief? -Vorarlberg-

The government took Germany, among other things, as a model for legislative plans.
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Anyone who rents an apartment from 2023 will not have to pay a brokerage commission. Vote now!

As agreed in the coalition agreement, the federal government is introducing what is called the order principle. Justice Minister Alma Zadic (the Greens) said at a press conference on Tuesday that the person who commissions the housing agent must also pay for it in the future. It’s about 50 million euros a year, which should now be paid by the owners and not the tenants. As a rule, the commission is two months’ rent.

Since every third rental apartment is re-letted after the time limit expires, many people have to pay brokerage fees over and over again, according to the green minister. It is very unfair to pay for a service that you did not cost yourself.

The bill is due to be reviewed on Wednesday. After a decision was passed in Parliament, a transition period of six months was planned, after which the principle of order would be implemented. This should be the case in late 2022 or early 2023.

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