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Wind energy and e-mobility are driving growth in MEBA

Wind energy and e-mobility are driving growth in MEBA

With technologies used in gears, rotors and electronics Wind turbines Used and components for Electric cars It is a top Austrian industrial company Miba It has grown significantly in the past year.

Sales increased by 8.1 percent on 1.205 billion euros. 60% of this was achieved in the industrial goods sector and 40% in the automotive sector. The family-run company has not provided any information about profitability for years.

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Wind energy and e-mobility have tripled in two years

Mipa's CEO said that in the wind energy sector alone, sales have tripled in the past two years F. Peter Mitterbauer. Innovative solutions have contributed to this, such as plain bearings for gears or friction pads for brakes, which are installed in wind towers more than 400 meters high and can generate electricity for about 80,000 households.

Miba has also been successful in the field of e-mobility using components such as battery systems or pulse inverters. Sales in this area have also tripled in the past two years. Also nearly half of those registered last year 48 new patents Utility models come from e-mobility.

“Space to breathe”

CEO Mitterbauer is not concerned about the decline in electric vehicle sales since the beginning of the year. Significant growth is also expected to continue. He is also confident about production in Europe. Height Owner's equity ratio from 53.8 percent It also gives the company “breathing room.”

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New factories in Mexico and China

Miba invested in 2023 130 million euros. Investments are expected to be of this size again this year. The company's first location will be in Mexico arise. Also in China It is planned to establish a factory to produce electric vehicle components. In Styria Kirschbach The production site is expanded. Close to the company headquarters in Upper Austria Lakirchen It is planned to establish a center for additional training and education for apprentices and skilled workers.

The manufacturer believes that it is not greatly affected by the tariff and subsidy dispute between the European Union and China. “We produce in the regions for the regions,” Mitterbauer said. In China, where wind energy components and electric cars are manufactured, they are also sold to Chinese customers or international companies with factories in the country.

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Concern about competitiveness

Mitterbauer notes Austria's competitiveness as a “worrying” location. The cost of an employee is about three times higher than in Slovakia. the Labor costs and unit labor It has grown faster anywhere in Europe in recent years than in Austria. Medium and small companies in particular will find this difficult.

In general, Miba operates in 29 Locations in Europe, Asia, North and South America 7600 employees. In Austria they are rare 3000. 130 were added in this country last year.