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Windows 11 can be installed without a Microsoft account

TPM enforcement can also be deactivated

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(Photo: Microsoft)

A Microsoft account will soon be mandatory even when setting up Windows 11 Pro. Rufus 3.19 beta allows bypassing this requirement. Other Microsoft requirements such as TPM 2.0 can also be bypassed using the tool.

If you’ve ever had to install Windows or Linux from a USB drive, you’re probably familiar with Rufus. The free, open source tool can quickly and easily create bootable USB drives with ISO files. It has been possible since version 3.16 from October 2021 TPM and Secure Boot Requirements when Create a boot stick with Windows 11 disabled.

A local account instead of a Microsoft account

Version released June 24th Rufus 3.19 beta It now includes the option to bypass Microsoft account requirements. You have to go to the facility for that Temporarily disconnects networkTo specify a local user account. Windows 11 Home already requires a Microsoft account, and with version 22H2, which is due to launch in the fall, the company is offering it Also for Pro a. The new Rufus version has addressed this. Rufus 3.19 will be released in July.

Screenshot of advanced Windows setup settings on Rufus 3.19 Beta.

Automatically opt out of data collection

If Windows 11 ISO is loaded with 3.19, the tool will fail Advanced customization options Before. Besides the hashtags for TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, and a Microsoft account, there’s also one to automatically decline all data collection questions during setup. Of course, there have been workarounds for Windows 11 requirements for a long time, which Microsoft knows, but with the new Rufus you can do without sometimes complex operations. The tool can be started immediately after downloading and does not require any installation. Details about Rufus can be found at Information web page and on GitHub FAQ.

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