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Windows 11: Microsoft found taskbar placement unimportant

Microsoft has with windows 11 It introduced some innovations and also revised the entire taskbar. Since the release of the operating system, it is no longer possible to adjust the position of the taskbar. Microsoft has now confirmed that this will not change for the time being.

subordinate Redmond Group He recently started an “Ask Me Anything” event on YouTube and answered questions about Windows 11 features and options. Like Newwen He writes, the taskbar is also discussed. Some users like to place the taskbar not only at the bottom of the screen, but also at the top or side. However, Microsoft considers the topic unimportant. The feature should only be used by a few users, so the effort isn’t worth it.

The proposal has more than 17,000 upvotes

An entry can be found in the Notes Center requesting the ability to move the taskbar. The proposal garnered more than 17,000 votes in favor. However, Microsoft had a lot of data at the beginning of the development of Windows 11 windows 10 Evaluate and prioritize different jobs. So far, only the most important features have been integrated into the new OS, so some elements can’t be modified yet. Redmond plans to present the functions in order and focus on frequently used features. In Windows 11 22H2, it is again possible to move files via the taskbar.

In order for users to use some features of the old taskbar in Windows 11, some developers have released third-party apps for Redmond OS. Available tools include Start11, ExplorerPatcher, and ElevenBlock. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will improve the taskbar at a later date.

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