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Windows 11: Photos receives a major update

Windows 11: Photos receives a major update

From Alexander Nye
Microsoft has started rolling out a major update to the Photos app in Windows 11. Innovations focus on working on the photo; Among other things, the overview of individual tools has been improved and getting into the program has become easier. Some new photo filters have also been added.

The “Photos” app for Windows 11 is currently being updated to version 2021.21120.8011.0. The main difference between the app and the Windows 10 version was visually, the latest innovations affecting the photo editor. Basically, Microsoft has modified the overview of the individual tools, combining frequently used functions and revising the filtering section. In addition, now one or another tool knows some additional “tricks”.

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More options when editing photos

Most of the improvements can be seen under the Edit tab in the Photos app. The controls were rearranged and marked; The clipping tool, for example, no longer has its place on the side. Alternatively, the image can now be rotated using the corresponding icons at the bottom of the screen, and more recently, it can also be flipped vertically – previously this was only possible horizontally. The update also expands the view to include precise aspect ratio specifications and makes ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’ orientations available during editing. Last but not least, working on a photo is more convenient because the “new” Photos app renders transparent surfaces – just like Photoshop & Co – using gray and white tiles.

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Microsoft also didn’t leave the editor’s filter section as it is in the “Personalization” area. Additional effects are now available for manipulating multifaceted images, and existing filters have been given more meaningful names to give an idea of ​​what the individual effects do. However, what the app still lacks is eye redness and spot correction. It is currently unknown if these functions will be introduced later.

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