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Windows 8: Concept images published from the development stage

Windows 8: Concept images published from the development stage

despite of Windows 8 At the same time belong to a bygone era, some interesting details from the development stage redmonder The operating system. The former Windows boss has now posted some videos from the meetings 12 years ago.

The clips have been uploaded to YouTube.Hardcore SoftwareSubscribed. The channel is run by former Windows President Steven Sinofsky. How office modr He writes, a former Microsoft employee shared videos here from the team meeting that took place in 2010. The meeting began with the development of Windows 8 and addressed the ideas gathered from previous years. During the brainstorming phase, some concepts emerged which were later included in the latest version of the operating system. We’ve collected the mockups in the gallery below.

Concept images show, among other things, the start menu with live tiles, Office Excel, the new file explorer, and the sidebar with tiles. There is also a taskbar that spans across multiple monitors and revised Internet Explorer.

Lost startup sound detection

In recent years, some of the more interesting details related to Windows 8 have emerged. So Became popular in 2018That the operating system contains a secret mystery that was solved by only one person. In addition to a few weeks ago Reveals what the missing Windows 8 startup sound will sound like. OS support ended in 2016. Successor Windows 8.1 However, it will be supported until January 10, 2023.

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