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Wine tasting in Paasdorf: a delegation from the Venetian Club Mistelbach visits a Thuringian winery

Wine tasting in Paasdorf: a delegation from the Venetian Club Mistelbach visits a Thuringian winery

Bassdorf: Recently, a delegation from the Mistelbach rifle club was invited to experience a guided wine tasting at the best Thuringian winery in Paasdorf. Lizzie and her son, Gerhard Thuringer, led a very interesting evening program of wine and cooking.

Thuringian winery
The company’s website reads:
Viticulture – not just part of the family since yesterday but always changing with the times without reinvention. The roots probably go back to the eighteenth century. Then wine became increasingly important under Herbert Thuringer from the 1950s onwards. In 2011, Elisabeth Thuringer took over the viticulture and cellar management from her husband, who now devotes himself to organic farming. Her son, Gerhard Thuringer, joined the company in 2016 after completing his matriculation and diploma exams at Francisco Josefinum.

And further
Our wines are shaped by two unchanging factors – climate and soil. These two influences contribute to a different and distinctive character from one region to another. A given by nature, both should be promoted and maintained as best as possible until the bottle is opened. Typical of Weinviertel, we focus on Grüner Veltliner. But less common varieties such as Gelber Muskateller or Sauvignon Blanc also thrive under the influence of the Pannonian climate. When it comes to red wines, we rely on the classic Zweigelt varietal as well as on the Blauburger.

To set the mood, guests were greeted with Frizzante Rivaner “Stadtwein” 2022.
The assortment of white wines ranged from Welschriesling, Rivaner, three Weinviertel DAC, Sauvignon Blanc and a blended selection to Pinot Blanc, Gelber Muskateller and Pinot Blanc Amabilis.
Among the classic red wines, Zweigelt 2019 and Zweigelt Maximus 2019 offered real treats for the palate.
The highlight of the evening was definitely the Grüner Veltliner “Alte Holzriede” 2019.
The pleasant evening is also framed by delicacies from the region and Weinviertel’s specialties, most of them homemade and according to the grandmother’s recipe.

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Thuringian wine
Schwemmesli 76, 2130 Pasdorf
Elisabeth: +43 (0) 650 667 72 43 – Gerhard: +43 (0) 676 694 47 01
Email: [email protected]
Farm sale, tasting, advice and delivery by telephone agreement

on the picture: Sige Kubanek, Rudi Dorn, Franz Fuhrmann, Gerhard Thuringer, Karl Schneider, Norbert Thiem, Lizzie Thuringer, Josef Kohzyna, Anita Ernst, and Georg Obernzer.