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Winter in Germany: first snow and polar air this week – Meteorology

Winter weather begins in

Oldenburgia nests high above England, the wind turns north and arctic cold air covers all of Germany. This development is already starting on Sunday afternoon. The rain is coming from the north and will reach the Alps this evening. But rain follows cold air and sinks the snow streak quickly, from over 2,000m on Saturday to just 800m on Wednesday. This means that the first snow outside the Alps will also occur this fall.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays in particular, it snows heavily in the Alps, even as far as Kempten, Wilheim and Rosenheim. Even in Munich there can be enough frost. The amount of fresh snow in the mountains is still uncertain because the land is still very warm. However, snow can stay from 1,000 meters – at least for a short time. Fortunately, it doesn’t stay cold.

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Windy, choppy and cold autumn weather

So it’s time to unpack your winter jackets. The whole week will be cold, windy, and humid again and again. The cold north wind ensures that the perceived temperatures are lower than the measured values. So the weather becomes uncomfortable at first. But there is an improvement from the second half of the week.

The first winter laying begins early this year. If you’re not ready yet, here are some suggestions:

Warmer again on the weekend

At the moment, there is still the first winter greeting, because from Thursday the air becomes warmer and the winds shift from north to west. It’s getting warmer again and with a bit of luck, the temperature can reach 15 degrees again. However, you shouldn’t take your eyes off it: The last summer is over and the temperatures are dropping. The entry of cold air increases. It is only really warm in western Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and parts of Turkey.

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Weak polar vortices can provide more winter weather

Projections indicate that the polar vortex will become more unstable than in previous years. This means that areas of high pressure such as Oldenburg can develop more easily and often. Then the plane is blocked and cold air can make its way south.

This is also reflected in the current winter forecast. Climate models tend to have cold and cold winters this year. Although October should generally remain warm, it will be cold by November at the latest. Perhaps a real snowy winter awaits us this year.

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Summer is now finally over. Autumn brings fog and frost to Germany early this week. At night temperatures drop below freezing point in some places. But there is also good news: during the day it becomes brighter and the weather stabilizes.

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