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Winter madness in the US: more than 50 deaths

“Elliot” brought meter-high snow, temperatures in the double-digit minus range, and hurricane-force winds to large parts of the United States over the Christmas weekend. The region around the Great Lakes in the northeastern United States and along the Canadian border were particularly affected. Lakhs of homes were affected due to power cuts.

The arctic cold also disrupted many travelers’ Christmas plans: More than 10,000 flights were canceled from Friday to Sunday, according to flight data website “FlightAware”.

With four kids in the car

Zila Santiago was stuck in a car with her four children for eleven hours on Christmas Eve when a blizzard raged outside. In desperation, the 30-year-old dialed an emergency number just like them The New York Times reportedBut no one came to help.

Rescue workers were stranded in Buffalo, New York. Meters of snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds created life-threatening conditions on the streets.

Citizens were banned from driving in the district. Zila Santiago was lucky: around 5 a.m. local time, the family was rescued with the help of a snow plow.

Much of the country is in chaos

Dramatic scenes like this over the Christmas weekend are not uncommon in the Great Lakes region of the northeastern United States and along the Canadian border. A severe winter storm has swept across the United States, wreaking havoc across much of the country and killing dozens. Temperatures were in the double digit minus range in many areas.