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With a big win, the Adlers advance directly to the playoffs!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

With a big win, the Adlers advance directly to the playoffs! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

What a fight, what a team performance, what a solid Villach defense with great goalkeeper JP Lamoureux. The “Eagle” fought against Innsbruck and moved to the playoffs with a 1-0 victory. Dylan McPherson scored the golden goal.

Even before the match started, tension was palpable among the nearly 3,500 fans in Villach's town hall. Fans in blue and white were looking forward to the clash against Innsbruck High. “Adler”, who, in addition to Arturs Kolda, Marko Richter, Maxi Rebernig, Benjamin Lanzinger, Paulo Felchnig and Johannes Chornig, had to give up due to injuries, started the match somewhat cautiously. With a secure defence, the Whites tried to achieve success through quick attacks. The first dangerous scoring opportunity came from Maxime Golod, but his shot hit the side netting. On the other hand, Martin Ulmer tested VSV goalkeeper JP Lamoureux with a shot from the high slot. Other than that, the big goal scenes were missing, and both teams played tight defense and did not allow much. Teams were also unable to use the power play to take the lead. After 20 minutes of play, the score remained scoreless.

In the middle third the game improved significantly. Maxime Goulud finished off the scoring in the 22nd minute, but Innsbruck goalkeeper Ivan Buitenhaus thwarted Villach's lead with a stunning shot. Just a minute later, Andrew Desjardins forced his way through the Tyrolean defence, but Buttenhaus also managed to thwart his shot. In the 28th minute, it was time: Dylan McPherson coolly used a quick pass through the eye-catching Alex Wall to take a 1-0 lead. The “Eagles” tried to follow up immediately, and pushed to score the second goal. But the visitors also remained very dangerous on the counter-attack. However, the 'Eagles' were able to rely on their goalkeeper JP Lamoureux, who also kept his penalty area clean in the central section.

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In the final third, the Adlers once again had the first chance to score: Maxi Goulud appeared in front of the Innsbruck goal after a pass from Tyler Steenbergen, but he was unable to get the puck past Buitenhuis. Just a minute later, Robert Sabulic first failed to score with a one-time shot, and then Alexander Rautschwald misfired from close range past the Innsbruck goalkeeper. The blue and white continued to press and continued to restrict the visitors in the third match. But in the 50th minute, the visitors suddenly woke up again – and Lamoureux had to show everything he had to prevent the equalizer after a commotion in front of his own goal. In the final minutes it was a defensive battle for Villach by hook or by crook. The Blue Whites' heroic battle was eventually rewarded and they moved into the playoffs early with a 1-0 win.

Heat pumps EC iDM VSV – TWK Innsbruck 1:0

Goals: McPherson (28)

Images: VSV/Kramer