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With soul and groove

With soul and groove

cane. It’s going to be funky October 8th at KiK when Raphael Wressnig & The Soul Gift Band featuring Gisele Jackson performs in their basement.

With Raphael and Resnig, old school meets new school. His voice blends the vibes of authentic blues and contemporary cool and presents an interface between the rhythms of soul, blues and funk. But what sounds so cool, funky, sentimental, and bluesie needs excellent musicians who have all styles on their toes.

Rafael has been touring with guitarist Enrico Crivelaro and drummer Eric Cisspani for years. It combines a contemporary sense of rhythm with raw root sounds and shows just how much soul and groove can be found in modern soul, funk and blues.

Thanks to his unique and powerful playing the Original Vintage Hammond, Raphael Warsnig has become the epitome of the modern Hammond organist.

The evening becomes “a celebration of soul, funk and rhythm and blues,” one critic wrote, at least thanks to singer Gisele Jackson. She began her career in Ray Charles’ supporting choir and in the bands of Donna Summer and James Brown. The spirit and funk force hails from Baltimore and later finds her home in Brooklyn.

Saturday October 8 at 8 pmRed, cakeEntry: 24 EUR

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