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With Study for Global Success: Berlin students win six prizes in the United States – Berlin

Berlin student Amon Schumann wins the world’s largest science school competition in the United States: a 17-year-old boy’s research project entitled “Around the World in 80 Days – Small Studies in a Great Mission”. The Robert-Howman-Gymnasium in Banco graduated from high school and presented a total of six awards in Atlanta, Georgia. The education administration released this information on Friday.

A solar-powered spacecraft orbits the world

The national winner of the 2021 “Jugend forscht” is Craig R. for innovation with $ 10,000. Barrett won the award. The Berlin student was honored here for his innovative concept, which replaces the usual methods of measuring meteorological data – i.e. using solar-powered research developed by Amon Schumann, which provides meteorological data from around the world and into operation. Engineering Technology: Received $ 5,000 to Prize in Statics & Dynamics Specialty.

Amon Schumann is the recipient of the $ 10,000 IEEE Foundation Leaders’ Scholarship and the second $ 1,000 Special Award from the American Meteorological Association (AMS). .

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Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD) congratulated Amon Schumann on “this great achievement.” He stressed that competition gives special recognition to “transparent technological innovations that benefit all of humanity.”

More than 1,800 young MINT talents from 80 countries participated in the prestigious Regeneron International Science and Engineering Exhibition (Regeneron ISEF). MINT is mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.

Students create stratospheric balloons

Amon Schumann’s competitive work has emerged from the “Strato Project” (stratospheric balloon for recording environmental measurement data in space over Berlin), which has been operating at the Robert-Howman-Gymnasium since 2019. Under the guidance of Alexander Stendhal, a teacher of mathematics and physics, students from a task force create and develop stratospheric balloons to record environmental measurements up to 40 km above Berlin.

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