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With the win in extra time, we got two very important points in the fight for the top six!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

With the win in extra time, we got two very important points in the fight for the top six! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

It was a fast and intense match with an incredibly exciting final stage. Until the 34th minute, Adler led 2-1 against Laibach, but then had to accept an equaliser. In overtime, Andrew Desjardins brought the VSV fans to victory with the game-winner. I got two points, okay!

Adlers, who briefly sidelined Mark Katic due to a lower-body injury, began the encounter against his direct rival from Laibach with a tremendous amount of pressure and high speed. A few seconds later, Kevin Hancock's shot from the turn missed Laibach goalkeeper Lukas Horak by just a few centimetres. Already in the third minute of the match, there was the first strong play of the white team, of which 60 seconds was 5 against 3: the “Eagles” played quickly, let the puck work perfectly and made the score 1-0. (5th): Benjamin Lanzinger perfectly took advantage of the rebound after Dylan McPherson's shot to take the lead. After only three minutes, Felix Maxa had to spend two minutes inside the penalty area due to the delay in the match, but the “Adlers” team defended strongly and had the opportunity to make the score 2-0 from a counterattack through Marco Richter in a 1 versus 0, but Horak helped save the luck. And skill. The visiting goalkeeper also managed to get the better of himself when Alexander Rauchwald went solo shortly before the end of the third period. After 20 minutes, Villach's lead remained unchanged.

In the central section, the “Eagles” continued to put pressure on the visitors defensively at the beginning and repeatedly created good scoring opportunities through fast play. But the visitors also remained dangerous with quick counterattacks: in the 24th minute, for example, a shot from Trevor Gooch hit the crossbar for VSV goalkeeper JP Lamoureux. However, the Whites were still the better team and had chances through Sabulic, Rauchwald, Hancock and Desjardins, but the ball did not want to go into the goal. In the 30th minute, Len Viveiros was sent to the icebox for four minutes by the referees for a high stick. Logical result: The visitors tied 1:1. Charlie Dodero scored the goal. The Eagles pushed for a new lead and also created some scoring chances, but they lacked a bit of composure and perhaps also the necessary luck in the match.

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In the final third, the game went back and forth. Although the home team continued to have more and better scoring opportunities, the visitors also appeared extremely dangerous against Lamoureux through quick counter-attacks. At this point it was a knife-edge match with many great and exciting scenes from both sides. The white team fought and gave everything, but failed repeatedly due to not converting the opportunities it had. In the last minutes, the events reached their climax: first, it was Maxi Rebernig who scored the supposed winner to make it 2-1 with a dream goal during the fall, but with 34 seconds left, the visitors responded through Leskinen -2- 2 (60). The match went into extra time, and the “Eagles” won: John Hughes narrowly missed, but Andrew Desjardins scored the rebound to seal the victory for the blue and white.

win2day ice hockey league:
Heat pumps EC iDM VSV – HK SZ Olimpija 3:2

Goals: Lanzinger (5), Rebernig (58), Desjardins (61); Dodero (32), Leskinen (60)

Images: VSV/Kramer