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with Trump?  Without Trump?  Against Trump?  The crucial question for Republicans

with Trump? Without Trump? Against Trump? The crucial question for Republicans

How much of this will emerge primarily depends on who will testify about the accidents. The Democrats who dominate the committee’s plan, among others, are Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, and Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff. And finally, even Trump himself. However, whether they actually have to appear can ultimately be negotiated in court.

In any case, Republicans are counting on a complete siege of the committee for now. In any case, the party on the committee represents one of Trump’s fiercest opponents, Liz Cheney, the Republican congressman and daughter of the former vice president. The Democratic chair of Committee U refused to accept loyal Trump supporters proposed by Republicans.

total lock

The result: the Republicans switched to a full blockade. The commission is known as a “political show trial” and “a show trial”. Even at first, none of the main representatives of the group appeared. One was blocked, one was biased.

Liz Cheney, in turn, has publicly threatened the party leadership with political consequences if they incriminate Trump in the U.S. Committee.

With that position, Republicans will not only go to the U-Committee, but also presumably head to next year’s congressional elections. She appears determined not to allow the Biden government any greater success.

The party can’t say goodbye to Trump — not even to his long-disproved theses about election fraud. A party strategy consultant admitted to the New York Times: “He has a strong grip on the party’s base. He is the most important driver of all of our small donors.”

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