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With twelve seconds to screen fame

With twelve seconds to screen fame

“Telling a whole story in twelve seconds is a technical challenge that demands and brings creative solutions,” says Pilgiri. “It’s always amazing how much can be told in such a short time!” A stage for a whole new scene from various filmmakers. A good idea and a smartphone are enough to shoot a good 12-second movie. At the same time, focusing for a dozen seconds is, of course, particularly difficult.

Landjäger Shortest Film Festival June 29th at Vienna’s Gartenbaukino, closing date June 4th. The 2023 categories are: “Love,” “Money,” “Panic,” and “Secret.”

Big screen for small movies

“It’s about condensing the information and focusing on the substance,” explains Pilgiri: “We professionally handle a format that has always been crucial to TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook – and bring such short works to the big screen!”

The red carpet and the distinguished jury

The festival is a big stage for talent on June 29th at Gartenbaukino Vienna with everything that goes with it: the red carpet, the prizes, the awards, the comedy host and the very large audience. The jury is also notable, with film producer Jasmine Baumgartner (she’s shot music videos for Wanda, among other things), comedy duo “Mask” (Robert Stachel and Peter Hormannsider) and film arranger Martina Genetti, who is also a curator. Program designer for various film festivals and cinemas.

Four categories for twelve seconds

The competition, which is being held for the seventh time this year, once again includes four thematic categories. In 2023 these are: “Love”, “Money”, “Panic” and “Secret”. The closing date for entries is 4 June 2023 Participation conditions In addition to the maximum length, they also require, among other things, clear relationships with the image and usage rights.

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The name and host is that Landjäger Magazine, which by its own definition is aimed at people who “don’t always want to know everything better, but always want to know something different from the mainstream”. Landjäger wants to stand for originality, intelligence and high-quality design and has already won several awards for this collection.