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Without springs!  Gartler’s return in quick aim already against Vitesse?  – football

Without springs! Gartler’s return in quick aim already against Vitesse? – football

Isn’t everything so bad?

It was recently rumored that Rapid 1’s new player – Paul Gartler – could be out for an extended period due to injury. The 24-year-old from Styria was absent against Sturm Graz, but the goalkeeper could already have made a comeback in the second leg of the UEFA League play-off at Vitesse Arnhem.

“Paul Gartler also took part in part of the training with us and he will be there,” said coach Ferdinand Feldhofer. Groin problems cause concern, and relapses cannot be ruled out. “It’s open in all directions. But if it continues like this, it won’t come out anymore,” explains the senior supervisor.

However, Gartler will not be put between jobs against Vitesse under duress, so stand up loud Request LAOLA1 A lot at stake: “If he plays from the start he’s definitely fit. We’re definitely not taking the risk that he has to play a game now.”

Above all, Camp Green and White is unconcerned, as Niklas Heidel perfected his baptism of fire with Rapid Pros against Storm with flying colors and only showed a bit of tension in the single scenes. So you will not be ashamed to send the youngster to the field at the European Cup.

“There’s also little reason for us to take such a big risk now, because Nikki has done an excellent job,” Feldhofer told the 20-year-old. “I’ve always had a good feeling – before, during and after the game. That fits in,” the year-old son of former goalkeeper Raymond Heidel told the 20-year-old. good report.

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The fountains are still not a problem, Schick and Sulzbacher are back

However, given the current situation of the staff, it is entirely positive that Gartler will at least make a trip to the Netherlands – and may be able to play at that time. According to Feldhofer, it is “extremely good news” that Thorsten Schick is back on the team and will be on the team. This gives the coach new opportunities, especially in the right-back problem area, since Filip Stojkovic’s suspension.

Considerations go from four defenses to three defenses, “Maybe we play with two defenders only, let’s see,” Feldhofer smiles. Changing from Jonas Auer to the left would also be an alternative, Lukas Sulzbacher is also an option again after the coronavirus disease.

Taxiarchis Fountas is still not a problem, which is still medically ill and more detailed examinations should provide information about what is really going on.

As there is suspicion that a previous move to MLS to DC United may be forced, Feldhofer explains: “I understand the thoughts, but the truth is that he is sick, he also had a slight fever on Friday. It is not now.” It is very likely that the Greek will travel to The first leg is against WSG Tyrol, provided he is fit by then. The majority of the team flies directly from Arnhem to Tirol on Friday.

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