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Wolf Hass reads from Brenner's new thriller at "Summer in the City" in Frankfurt

Wolf Hass reads from Brenner’s new thriller at “Summer in the City” in Frankfurt

DrReal hat courtesy of the author. Wolf Hass regrets not presenting anything to the public. In the music booth in Palmengarten, he read of his new sensational novel, which begins with the discovery of parts of the human body in a landfill in Vienna, knees at first in huge trash, then head in electronic junk. And Haas laments: “I almost have a bad conscience because I don’t have a knee with me that I can give you.” It doesn’t matter, he has the novel with him, that’s almost cute. But this is how it always should be from now on – King Stephen Regretting not bringing anything from his new horror movie universe, J.K. Rowling is heartbroken that he left the Harry Potter universe at home. And then you imagine what it would be like if they could bring something with them.

“Müll” is the name of the thriller, and it’s the first Haas published since 2014, when “Brennerova” came out. Four years later, he and “Junger Mann” have meticulously toured the tracks of his autobiography. In March, the “garbage” arrived Hoffmann and Camp Featured in Hamburg, Sommer and Haas are now on tour for a bit. Frankfurt, the day after Feldkirch, a few days after Berlin and Rostock.

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