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Women lead protests around the world – VG

Women lead protests around the world – VG

Freedom of Expression: Protests have long been going on against the strict law banning negative publicity of the royal family. On Monday, maternity leave was in the center. Photo: DIEGO AZUBEL / EPA

Women’s Day is being celebrated around the world, and many themes have been given new themes.


Despite the ongoing epidemic, large-scale protests are taking place in many parts of the world. Some of them have been going on for weeks, while demonstrations elsewhere have been going on for years.

March 8 is Women’s Day, marked by many protests around the world.

According to the UN, 2020 is the hardest year to be a woman. The epidemic led to more women losing out in difficult life situations, becoming more women and getting married at a very young age, and many more young women went, still go, To lose their education.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) and Assistant Minister of Development Doc Here Ulstein (KRF) signed the debate post. They write social strikes Violence against women and girls has contributed to the explosive increase.

On Monday, several women took to the streets in a series of demonstrations, often highlighting important issues coming up in the background.

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The path to equality goes through school

Rise of the peasants

Several thousand women have thrown themselves at protests in the suburbs of Delhi ahead of Women’s Day.

Since December last year, many farmers and their families have been protesting against a new law that would open up sales to agricultural buyers to private buyers, fearing that farmers will reduce their income.

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Wearing a yellow scarf to mark the color of mustard, the women sat in one of the largest gatherings.

– Women are sitting in protest here, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not care. He does not care about mothers, sisters and daughters. Mandeep Kaur, a female agricultural worker who traveled more than 100 miles from Chhattisgarh to protest Women’s Day on March 8, said she did not care about women.

Yellow: Women wore mustard yellow scarves during a farmers’ protest on Monday. Photo: DANISH SIDDIQUI / X90172

“This is an important day to mark the strength of women,” Veena, 37, told Reuters.

Police and those responsible for the incident said that more than 20,000 women had gathered near the Delhi border with the state of Haryana.

They have organized many activities and fasts ahead of Women’s Day.

– This is a day organized by women, the speakers will be women, and there will be many feminist perspectives and discussions about what these laws mean to female farmers, says activist Kavita Kurukandi.

According to Oxfam India, three out of four women working full time in India are farmers. But less than 13 percent of women own the land on which they work.

Marking: Several thousand women are participating in the protests that have been going on since December. Photo: Manish Swaroop / AP

“Angry Day”

Angry and frustrated Lebanese have declared Monday a “day of outrage”.

On the seventh day they blocked the main roads in Beirut to show what they thought of the officers.

The country’s economy is in deep crisis, with the NDP reporting that the value of the Lebanese pound continues to fall dramatically.

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Blocks: A woman stands in front of burning car tires on the seventh day of protests in Beirut. Photo: Joseph EIT / AFP

“This is a call to all Lebanese leaders that a social upheaval is taking place in Lebanon,” one of the protesters said.

Journalist Luna Safwan writes on Twitter that many sieges today are led by women.

– They demand fundamental rights to a better country, which robs men and women of opportunities and a decent life, he writes.

Continued fighting in Myanmar

Protests against the military junta have continued for more than five weeks since the coup in Myanmar.

On Monday, protesters waved flags made of sarongs and hung women’s clothing in the streets.

According to local superstitions, going under women’s clothing causes accidents for men. This helps to slow down the police and the military, who often have to pull the strings down before they come around or pass by.

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The army stopped – with women’s clothes

Creative: Women’s clothing became a weapon on both Sunday and Monday in the struggle against the military junta in Myanmar. Photo: STR / AFP

Mong Sang, one of the leaders of the opposition movement against the military junta, asked women to come out and mark themselves on Facebook.

Nai C, one of the people behind the sarong stunt, portrays women as revolutionaries.

– Our people are unarmed, but we are smart. “They are trying to control us with fear, but we will fight the fear,” he told Reuters.

Women fight

Supports: Demonstrations have taken place in the Philippines. Here they show a poster with a message of solidarity to protesters in Myanmar. Photo: Aaron Favila / A.P.

Protests against President Rodrigo Duterte have been going on in the Philippines for a long time.

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On Monday, female activists took the lead, demanding that Durte be held accountable for her handling of epidemics, unemployment, poverty and human rights abuses during the epidemics.

They also expressed solidarity with the opposition movement in Myanmar.

Freedom of expression and better working conditions

Justice: Better conditions and working conditions for mothers on maternity leave are among the demands of the protesters in Bangkok. Photo: DIEGO AZUBEL / EPA

A law banning negative advertising from royals has sparked massive protests in Thailand and many have been arrested.

Protesters are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha, which is a highly democratic constitution and should hold the royal family more accountable.

Critics of the regime have often been silenced by a law protecting the country’s King Vajiralongkorn and the royal family from slander.

On Monday, maternity leave and better and better working conditions were on the agenda of the protesting women.