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Women Power at DIF: A look behind the scenes

Women Power at DIF: A look behind the scenes

(L-R) Denise Tipicuelo (Yay Creative), Antonia Kugel (Yay Creative), Martina Gollner (Full Access), Virginia Ernst (singer-songwriter), Julia Healy (Pro Event), Victoria Cook (Samariterbund Wien), Iris Griesler (Professional Event), Yvette Merrick (MA 48), Julia Gish (Wagner Concept & Consult), Christina Redler (Full Access), Barbara Krejci (MA 48), Katharina Berger (Samariterbund Vienna), Anna Maria Kunz (ARBÖ-) Verkehrsradio), Karin Eichler (long-time volunteer), Saskia Tartar (4D Group/Innovations Gastro & Event), and Caroline Dressler (ARBÖ Vienna). | © Marcos Sebrawa

International Women's Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements, but also an opportunity to recognize those who often work in the background to make major events like the Danube Island Festival (DIF) possible.

This year, Catherine Gall, Deputy Mayor and Women's City Councilor, and Barbara Nowak, Party State Secretary of the SPÖ Vienna, met some of the impressive women who, year after year, help make the Danube Island Festival an unforgettable experience.

Diverse roles and responsibilities

A quick look at the participants in this special meeting reveals a diverse group of women taking on different roles and responsibilities at DIF.

Thank you to all the women behind the scenes

The Danube Island Festival would not be what it is without the commitment and hard work of these amazing women. Your work behind the scenes is essential to the smooth running of this outstanding event, which brings millions of people together every year and places Vienna at the center of cultural life. On the occasion of International Women's Day, it is important to recognize their contributions and tell their stories to emphasize the importance of equality and women's participation in all areas of society.

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