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World chess champion Carlsen Niemann accused of cheating

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen spoke at length about his withdrawal in a duel with Hans Niemann and accused the American of cheating. In essence, Carlsen confirmed reports over the past few weeks that Neiman cheated in the match against him.

However, he is not allowed to say more at the moment, even if he would like to go into more detail, the 31-year-old Norwegian wrote on Twitter yesterday. “I hope the truth comes out, whatever it may be.”

According to Carlsen, he believes “Neman cheated a lot more (…) than he publicly admitted”. However, there is no evidence that the 19-year-old Grand Master Nieman cheated.

“Need to do something about chess cheating”

Carlsen wrote: “We should do something about chess cheating. I will help by not playing against players who cheated in the past because I am not sure what these players will do in the future.”

At the beginning of September, the first incident occurred between counterparties. At the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, the star unexpectedly lost to Niemann and withdrew from the tournament for the first time in his career. The 31-year-old Norwegian gave no reasons at the time. The chess scene interpreted Carlsen’s exit as an allegation of fraud against Neiman.

The American admitted in an interview during the Sinquefield Cup that he cheated twice in online games as a teenager, aged 12 and 16, but never personally on the chessboard.

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