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World Cup of Snowboarding: Karl took the PGS crown early

World Cup of Snowboarding: Karl took the PGS crown early

After Benji Karl's victory on Thursday in Rogla, Slovenia, the World Cup caravan continued on its way to Simonhöhe in Carinthia and here the Trendsport Weichberger team immediately caused a sensation in the PGS in qualifying. Newcomer to the St. Pölten World Cup Dominik Burgstaller (22), who has already caused a stir this year by finishing seventh among the best in the world, came behind Italian Daniele Bagosa (28) and ahead of Benjamin Karl (38), as well as the youngest participant in the 16 final in second place. .

Karl, who had to make way for Italian Daniele Bagosa in the grand finale, then won the World Cup discipline classification early with a fifth podium finish in the fifth PGS race of the season. The 2022 Beijing Olympics champion now holds three large crystal balls and five small ones.

The podium finish on the flat slope of the Simonhöhe mountain was also a surprise for Karl, as he usually likes steep and icy slopes. “Two years ago I didn't even qualify for the final here, but this year I knew I could be fast on the flat surfaces too. The conditions were unbelievably good, and the organizers did an unbelievably great job – everything came together. It's good to fix the crystal ball “Small already, but now the focus is on the big ball,” Karl promises to continue giving her “full energy.”

Oppmann won the small final on the Simonhöhe Stadium against Italian Roland Fiwickeler and was able to celebrate his first World Cup podium in the parallel giant slalom. Burgstaller achieved his best World Cup result to date with a solid fifth place!

Dominik Burgstaller from St. Pölten narrowly missed out on making the small final in Simonhöhe in Carinthia, but achieved his best World Cup position to date in fifth place in the local race.

UTW/ Burgstaller Sin.

Soaring by Dominik Burgstaller

Burgstaller defeated world-class Italian Edwin Coratti in the round of 16, and after slipping, was forced to concede defeat to his compatriot, six-time Olympian Roland Viwickler, in the quarter-finals. The St. Pölten native's fifth overall position can be seen as an exciting achievement. His same-age rival from Styria, Matthäus Penk, had to settle for 33rd place this time.

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Burgstaller also described himself as “very happy” after finally finishing fifth.A great qualification that I did not even get in the European Cup, then my best result in the World Cup was fifth place. I think I showed where I can be in the top flight and that I am now where I wanted to be this season. Now all you have to do is wait and be patient! “With good numbers to start with, I have to take advantage of my opportunities.”

Following the cancellation of races in Craigleith, Canada, which were scheduled to take place in mid-February, alpine racers now have a four-week break before the World Cup on 24/25. February will continue with two parallel giant slaloms in Krynica (POL).