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World Cup qualification: ÖFB women run after cold shower

World Cup qualification: ÖFB women run after cold shower

After a serious defensive error from the Austrians by Viktorija Zaicikova, the Latvians surprisingly took the lead in the 12th minute. But Austria turned the game around in the first half and celebrated after goals by Marie-Therese Hobinger (17) and Nicole Bella (30, 79 / penalty kick), Nina Dunst (61) and thanks to an own goal from Sandra Voitan (63). .) and hits by Laura Feiersinger (86.) and Katja Wienerroither (89./90.+3) still a clear victory. The women’s ÖFB will continue in North Macedonia on Tuesday (6:00pm live on ORF Sport+).

“It was a difficult start that we expected, but we made life difficult for ourselves because of passport errors. Team boss Foreman said in an interview with ORF that shooting with a quick goal did not make it easier either, but I am glad we found our way to safety.” Our way back to our safety, that our exchangers brought momentum and that the boys fit in seamlessly. We could have scored one goal or another, we’re not completely satisfied.”

Sarah Bontegam, who was called up by team boss Foreman as usual at the start of the season, was able to look forward to entering the local sports history books in Latvia. The native of Styria, who earns her money in Montpellier, France, has worn the Austrian national team dress for the 110th time, making her the only record holder in international matches in Austria. Nina Berger ended her career after 109 matches, and Andreas Herzog made 103 caps in the men’s division.

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alarm clock gift

In the first stage, the Austrians at the Daugava stadium, separated only by a small forest from Lepagas Beach, were in disarray. A circumstance that the Latvians benefited from: because with a wide free kick in the direction of the penalty area, neither the defenders nor goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger felt responsible for the ball. Thank you for the harsh voting problems of the candidates, Zaicikova said and pushed the ball into the goal without humor after the gift (12).

Latvia leads (12th minute)

Due to a fatal mistake in the defense, the Latvians could take the initiative.

After all: a cold shower woke up the Austrians. The pace that was barely there in the initial stage increased significantly, and less than five minutes later on the losing goal was 1:1. Hobbinger hit the net on the second attempt and ensured a balanced position (17). It was ultimately credited to striker Bella that Austria could enter the first half by a wide margin. The Bundesliga’s top scorer slipped by Stangl’s perfect pass from Laura Wenrother and she scored her 29th goal in her 68th cap.

Austria tied (17th minute)

On the second attempt, Hoppinger hits the goal and quickly equalizes the ball

A little later, the 25-year-old Tyrolean was again in the spotlight, but not as a top scorer. In another attempt to catch a cross, Bella fell on her right hand and remained lying on the grass, her face writhing in pain. After a short and finger-tip treatment, Hoffenheim’s top scorer, who was named Germany’s footballer of the year last season, was able to continue playing.

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ÖFB . Gate Machine Starts Operation

The Austrians finally came out of the break with the dynamism expected from the first minute due to their role as candidates. The number of opportunities also increased rapidly. First Bella failed with a header to goalkeeper Inga-Anna Fayvodi, shortly afterwards the striker’s goal was disallowed for offside (54) and then Latvia put his leg between the ball and the goal line with a shot from Bontegam in a record shot. The penalty area (60th minute).

Long shot from Barbara Dunst (61st minute)

The Frankfurt Legion that came to the second half ensured the initial decision from a distance

But the Austrians did not worry about missed opportunities for long. Because only three minutes later it was 4:1 to choose ÖFB. Initially, Dunst, who was substituted in the break, turned her heart and made the Red, White and Red lead with a superb shot and her fifth goal in the national team (61). Less than two minutes later, of all the people, the Latvian captain Voitan, who was at Wacker Innsbruck, in the Austrian League, plays his own net (63.).

This finally broke the hosts’ resistance, and the Austrians had an easy time. But the unbridled victory turned into a shooting fest only at the last stage: Bella confidently converted a penalty kick (79), Laura Versinger with a full shot (86th place) and Wenrother, who was in the ranks of Bella. In the 80th minute, with two goals (89th minute). / 90.+3) Finally secured a deserved win.

World Cup Qualifiers, Group D, First Round

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Latvia – Austria 1:8 (1:2)

Liepaja, Daugava-Stadium, SR Laos (EST)

target sequence:
1: 0 Zayikova (12th place)
1:1 Hoppinger (17)
1:2 Bella (30)
1:3 donst (61.)
1: 4 Soitane (63./Eigentor)
1: 5 Bella (79. / Elfmeter)
1:6 Feiersinger (86.)
1: 7 Wienerroither (89.)
1: 8 Wienerroither (90. +3)

Austria list: Zinsberger – Wienroither (71./Georgieva), Wenninger, Kirchberger, Aschauer (59./Plattner) – Zadrazil, Puntigam, Höbinger (79./Makas) – Feiersinger, Billa (79./Wienerroither), Enzinger (46./Dunst ))